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All Guilds Meeting - October 2013

October's All Guilds Meeting has finished and there was lots to report, the least of which being that Doobes finally stopped slacking and returned to his moderating duties at last! cheeky As always, here are the raw and cleansed chatlogs for a little light reading.

Here's what went on this month:

Cavern Tours/Cavern Theater

Zeke365 and Stone started things off to talk about their planned Cavern Tours.  They are still in need of planning, including a translation bot (which Stone is working on), but they hope to have something happen in November.  Cavern Theater is still being put together.  Explorers are welcome to submit what they have to zeke for approval (  Events incorporating this material are still to be scheduled.

Guild of Writers

Hoikas came up next to mention that Gehn.17 was recently released.  The shard now has 908 active avatars, and the group would like to throw another party at some point in the future (hopefully to bring that total to 1,000!).

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Gehn.17 Goes Live

It's been awhile since their last release, but the hard work of the Guild of Writers never stops; the newest version of their Gehn shard client is now available!  The latest fixes include:

  • Fix a noticable FPS stutter when adding a buddy.
  • Fix broken Ahnonay sphere rotation when a human avatar goes swimming.
  • Fix Er'cana control panel.
  • Fix invisible quab bug.
  • Fix some invalid visual states caused by Cyan's inability to type/spell.
  • Fix some potential buffer overflows.
  • Improve avatar headshot images.
  • Prefill skinned vertex buffers (less lag!).
  • Iterate cellular automata.

As always, to get the update, start the Gehn client normally and let it download things.  If you haven't installed Gehn yet and would like to do so, here are instructions to get you started.

Keep up the good work, GoW!

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All Guilds Meeting - July 2013

We're in the middle of summer, and the latest All Guilds Meeting has come and gone...very quickly, in fact!  Here's our raw and cleansed chatlogs, plus a summary of the (brief) proceedings.

Guild of Writers

Hoikas presented for the GoW.  The bulk of fixes the Guild has been working on for Gehn.17 have dealt with lag in the game.  The changes they're going to implement will increase speed about 20% and, strangely enough, improves with more avatars present in an Age.  They're planning on another event to push the server to its limit and gather more information.  We'll have details on that when they develop.

Guild of Messengers

Doobes, along with GoMeMusica, Samoth and GoMe Photographer, came up next for the GoMe.  He reiterated that the release of URU2U, Episode 2 is imminent.  He also mentioned a "remodeling" of the Guild of Messengers' Pub, similar to what is being discussed for the GoW's Pub here, into something more original.  Screenshots of the development can be seen here.  The Guild, as always, offered any interested parties to either join the Guild itself and/or any of the various projects that are in progress.

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Guild of Writers Releases Gehn.16!

The always-busy programmers at the Guild of Writers have released the latest version of their own shard...Gehn.16!  While no new content with this release (however, stay tuned for more later!), there are a few nice behind-the-scenes changes that fix a couple of functions and modify things to speed the game up even further, even for older computers!

Here's a list of fixes for this release:

  • Ensure there is always a progress indicator while linking.
  • Fix /savecolumns.
  • Fix Age invite display.
  • Fix collision issue in Fehnir's House.
  • Improve skinning. (Less lag on old CPUs!)
  • Update game data (PRPs) to MOULa 1.918.
  • Integrate non-deterministic fractal surfaces.

IMPORTANT: Due to Cyan's latest update, you will need to take a few extra steps to update Gehn BEFORE you run the client.

  1. Delete the "TOS.txt" file from your MOULa installation.
  2. Update MOULa to 1.918 by running their client.
  3. Copy the "dat" folder from your MOULa installation to Gehn shard's installation.
  4. Run Gehn shard's client to update that as well.

Note that if you do not do this, Gehn will NOT run properly!

Keep checking back for news on Gehn.17 and any other updates on the various shards!

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All Guilds Meeting - June 2013

The first day of June...and that means the first All Guilds Meeting of the (unofficial start of) summer!  Many presentations this month, which you can read about in both the raw and cleansed chatlogs, as well as this handy summary below:

Cavern Theater

Zeke365 came up first to talk a bit about his new project, the Cavern Theater, a talent show that can include stories, karaoke, short plays, and more.  Anyone is welcome to participate.  The first event will be June 21st at 21:00 KI time.  Read more about the project here.

D'nipalooza 2013

I.H.P.X. was next to present for the International Hood, introducing a festival event dubbed D'nipalooza, where they intend to feature several musicians for the purpose of raising funds for the CAVCON.  Read more about it at this forum thread if interested. Weiterlesen